If you're desperately seeking balance while running a household, corporate team, or business, you're in the right place. When you're constantly struggling with work and life, a part of you knows there must be a better way. And you're right. Leader Nirvana will help you create a space where life just works.


Kiss stress goodbye and say hello to balanced living.


Create balance with work that fits your lifestyle goals.

Balance is everything.

Balanced living is about clearly defining your vision of success and aligning your life and work to support your dreams.  Our training and coaching offerings help you navigate stressful life challenges, develop a champion mindset to achieve your career goals, and incorporate meditation and self-care into your daily life.

In addition to crushing it in business, you want to make yourself and your family a priority.  Despite the apparent success that comes with a fancy title, good benefits, and sweet perks, you're struggling with:

● Too much work and too little time

● Lack of support while trying to “do it all”

● Wanting to be your best at work and home

● Time management and unpredictable deadlines

● Desire for real flexibility and work-life balance

As a result of working with me you will:

● Become efficient, productive, and focused

● Create boundaries and parameters around your time

● Enjoy more time for relationships with family and friends

● Re-energize the passion and fulfillment in your career

● Prioritize your health and well­-being for lasting success

You're ready to achieve your idea of perfect life balance.  Now is the time.  My services help you create perfect work-life balance and get your career on track.


Recognize the symptoms.

The first step towards balance is to look at the symptoms of burnout.  If you've been busy racing through each day, it's time to step back and see what's happening.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?  If so, let's do something about it.


● Juggling work and crazy deadlines

● Chained to your desk for way too long

● Always "on" for vacations and time away

● Dealing with office politics and toxic people 


● Lack of predictability and flexibility 

● Procrastination and poor productivity

● Long days sitting in rush-hour traffic

● Too busy to think about what's next   


● Missing out on bedtime with the kids

● Constantly canceling plans with friends

● Struggling to schedule a real date night


● Coming up short on beauty sleep

● Skipping the gym every single day

● Doubling down on office donuts

● Dreaming of turning off your cell 

What's it costing you?

Symptoms get our attention, but magic happens when you look at everything you give up by being out of balance.  What's it costing you?


Connect with family and friends by controlling how and where you spend your time. Flexibility makes space in your life for the people who matter most.


Structure your work to include freedom. Explore adventures that satisfy your wanderlust and help you create a new reality for your life.  You get to choose.


Reduce stress and enhance performance by replenishing your mind, body, and soul. Prioritize health and well-being for major success without the crash and burn.


Take charge of your life with strategic planning.  Boost confidence by scheduling time for creative play.  Map out an inspiring plan for your life and make it happen.  

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    There's no obligation to move forward, but by the end of the call you'll know which of my services is best for your unique situation.

    A Discovery Call will help you:

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    ● Answer any questions you may have about working with me

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